Ongoing Property Management

ALL TENANT PLACEMENT SERVICES, as well as the items listed below:

- Collecting monthly rent.

- Contracting for services and repairs of the property.

- Rendering monthly statements and disbursing funds monthly to the owner. Owner receives monthly statement and a check or direct deposit into their bank account, by the 15th of the month.

- Inspecting the property exterior and interior on a regular basis.

- Handling tenant problems (ranging from lost keys to noisy neighbors, broken appliances, plumbing leaks, exterior lighting changes, landscaping, etc., etc., etc.)

- Issuing and receiving proper notices to vacate the premises.

- Providing vacating tenants a recommended clean-up list, pre-moveout inspection and final inspect property after move-out.

- Returning security deposits in a timely fashion with an itemized statement to include prorated interest and deductions for clean up or repairs.

- Writing letters of recommendations for worthy tenants when they move out and leave the property in good condition.

- Completing other duties as required by the owner or as required by the tenants.

Contact us at the email address below, if you are looking for a highly qualified caring team to manage your rental: We are also available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and on weekends by appointment.